Can big be beautiful?

A question pondered the world over. Can big be beautiful? Some say yes but the language used by a lot of people implies not.

I’m a big person. I haven’t always been so but a combination of anti-depressant side effects, comfort eating and just plain old liking food has led me to this point.

“You do have a beautiful face though”. Though?! Is that a compliment?! Why not just say “don’t worry, you may have a hideous body but all is not lost because you don’t have a face to match the hideousness”.

Would I ever say to someone Slim “you do have a beautiful body though” as if to say her slim torso is compensation for an unfortunate face. No.

I may not be typically pretty and beautiful but I am me and my body has got me through a lot of good and bad times and for that I love it. Please keep your opinions to yourself.

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