Learn to love yourself?

Today my counsellor has given me homework for the week to start to love myself.

I have to do two things:

1. Look at myself in the mirror and simply smile and see what thoughts come up.

2. Ask my friends to text me with a list of my “good points”.

I’m going to give it a go but just the thought of it makes me feel incredibly anxious and vulnerable.

Who wants to try it with me? Let’s see if we can make a step towards being a friend to ourselves…

This is a photo I took on holiday in. Canada. It was such an amazing day and reminds me of how wonderful the free things in life can be.

4 thoughts on “Learn to love yourself?

  1. Love the pic. Self love is hard sometimes, esp when you’re in a state of being that has you questioning yourself more often than not. I could never implement these practices in my life, because usually my self beating up times would win. It’s a process, no matter what you choose. It’s also great to be aware of what you need to do to heal, feel better, etc. I’m smiling for you today and I’m sure your friends will lift you up 🙂


    1. Thanks Stacia.
      I completely understand what you’re saying. My counsellor tries to get me to say positive things about myself and I struggle. For the times where I do manage to do it, the words feel meaningless because my thoughts are telling me it’s not true.
      The fact that you have taken the time to respond to me today and to be so kind in your response tells me that you are a really kind and caring person. It’s special that you try to help me, a complete stranger, and I hope you can recognise that.
      I’m smiling lots for you too today 😊


    1. Thank you Brooke! I hope they bring you happiness too. Both of them I have found interesting. I am doing the mirror one daily and it’s gradually getting easier…. Day 1 was just focused on negative points about myself but I’m trying hard to see some positives too. Sending happy thoughts ♥

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